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A singular Building situated on the Mediterranean, prepared to offer the best possible experience for many types of travellers from the adventure seekers to those who value comfort all year long. Gran H. La Marina is a Heritage building with a contemporary touch, the perfect scenario.
 Services offered literally at the buildings doorstep are many, Taxi, Police, Train, Bus, Beach, Cafes, Yacht Club, Restaurants, Parking... The building holds 7 double rooms with en-suite bathrooms and various common áreas, roof Terrace, and our Cafeteria, Cantina 1914 with lovely views to Altea Old Town. Known at the time as The Grand H La Marina it was, for the period, a luxury building that personified popular modernist style of the 1920s.
 The building follows the architectural style of the period, it varies in part from the catalogued buildings of the railway station, built in a modernist style, making it the finest example of that period that Altea possesses. Built with certain eclecticism regarding materials in order to confer an air of luxury, modernism and maximum efficiency in the layout of the rooms and communal spaces.

Special attention is drawn to the large central area where a pair of very attractive staircases that lead to the upper floor, lend an air of spaciousness to the building.
Attention is also drawn to the use of materials, handmade floor tiles with their carpet designs reminiscent of Noia, the designs on the handmade bannisters, balustrads etc. of the highest quality wood, revealing a wood culture at its height of splendour, with doors, windows, shutters, revealing the efficient and popular modernism of the period.
In his work Ramón Llorens speaks of this period and reminds us of the press articles: “Grand H, restaurant, comfortable rooms with sea views, car rental...” evidence of a real luxury, in use until the 1950s.

Around Altea a charming, historic town

This charming, historic city near Benidorm offers a relaxed beachfront atmosphere with crystal-clear coves, markets and cafes where you can sample delicious local cuisine


Altea - the jewell of the Mediterranean

Whether you come for the Moorish-influenced food, exhilarating water sports or celebrated Spanish Christian architecture, Altea offers plenty of exciting points of interest. This bohemian town on the Costa Blanca is an exceptional place to spend a few nights or visit during an excursion. Altea is much quieter than neighboring Benidorm and offers you an exclusive piece of Spanish history, as well as countless art galleries. With its white houses perched on a hill with panoramic views and cobbled streets crowned by the blue of the Mediterranean Sea, the urban landscape of Altea is definitely one of its greatest attractions. Take a walk through the town to admire the historic buildings and galleries around every corner. In the old town (poble antic), the very high walls rise up to the highest point of the town, the bell tower or the parish church of the Virgen del Consuelo. Explore the labyrinthine alleyways and catch a glimpse of the beach and the distinctive blue and white dome of the Church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo.

The Altea market in the old town offers you a privileged place to buy fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers. In other markets near the Altea sports center you can buy traditional Spanish clothes that are characterized by their striking colors, as well as music stalls that add a festive flavor to the magical atmosphere. You are never far from the palm-fringed beach. Take a dip or try the wide variety of water sports on offer, from stand up paddle boarding to exhilarating jet skiing. Book a snorkeling or cave diving course on the beach to enjoy one of the most populated marine environments in the world. Altea is located just 15 minutes by car northwest of Benidorm. You can also travel to the town by bus or train. Please note that it is only possible to access the old square and the area around the church on foot. Make sure you wear protective footwear and a mat or folding chair, since Altea beach does not have the fine sand of the rest of the beaches on the Costa Blanca.

Popular attractions near Altea

Altea and the Costa Blanca have an abundance of beautiful villages, beaches, mountains with stunning scenery to enjoy, if you feel like exploring further afield. Here are two of many places worth visiting. Most towns also have great bars and restaurants, to stop for a drink or enjoy a meal.